About Us

Aswaq Trading Company is a leading retailer of ready to wear garments in Kuwait for the past 20 years. The corporate strategy of the group retail activities are to introduce “Affordable, Essential, and Modesty Fashion” to the market. Building on our reputation Aswaq has successfully introduced several “In House” brands:

Derby – (Essential Male & Essential, Elegant and Modest Female Fashion Brand)
UniFit – (High Quality Brand)

Our commitments: Quality, Good Value and Availability are our three milestones in which we have established the Derby brand, our commitment to our clients, manufacturers and employees has been created around establishing achievable promises and objectives over the past 20 years. Despite the retail market becoming more demanding we stand by our commitment to our new and existing clients by maintaining a high quality, essential fashion lead brand that caters for the day to day needs of our male and female clientele.

Production facilities: The Derby brand is a Kuwaiti owned, designed and produced brand that exceeds the highest levels of production quality. Our production facilities operate to an international standard achieving the ISO 9001 quality standard.